Monday, August 28, 2006

At the Seaside

I've been terribly remiss in not blogging for so long, but a lot has been happening. Furthermore, I'm at the seaside with barely any access to e-mail. Do forgive. I'll be back on the horse in a week or so.

Friday, August 18, 2006

God is a Diva

Almost_Frei has taught me a singularly important lesson that casts a whole new light on my theology - check out his poem ( especially note the fabulous rhyming couplet: but he went to yeshiva/and learned God is a diva. Well, now THAT'S completely different! Had I known this I wouldn't have taken the punishing all-seeing Eye image of my youth all that seriously. I would have thought, hey all this nutty mitzvah (commandment), reward and punishment stuff, -- her bark is louder than her bite - I would have HUMOURED God! What a great perspective. Perhaps a new berachah/blessing: Blessed are you Drag King of the Universe ... Indeed, a whole new way of thinking about berachos/blessings: having to continually tell GoDiva that she's fabulous!
Meanwhile, I am indundated with work and it is very naughty of me to be doing blogging. Nonethless, back to lesbian love in frum ("orthodox" Jewish, lit. pious) London: Let me say that my first crush was on Miss. F. in reception (first grade? or possibly the grade before that). I don't think it was reciprocated...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vayehi bachatsos halaylah

It's late, well after midnight. I've been working. I do wish I could say more about it, but that might be saying too much... The truth is, I've been in a trance of sorts since midnight, having just kept on going unthinkingly. Hopefully, I'll look at what I've produced in the morning and be able to keep it. I don't really feel like blogging about young lesbian love in Orthodox London at the moment. Whatever one thinks of the result perhaps Naomi Alderman got it right by confining such things to fictional representation. What the blog does for me is to stimulate memory, language and desire to tell (fine, not at this moment). But then maybe simply translating it into a linear account is not the next step. Perhaps, I will experiment with writing in a quasi-fictional mode.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hashem is here, Hashem is there

Anyone else have tender memories of their first song being about the omnipresence and utter ubiquity of the deity? My first song: Hashem (= the name, = God) is here, Hashem is there, Hashem is really everywhere, up up, down down, right, left and all around!! Talk about self-surveillance and Foucauldian panopticons. See Foucault, Discipline and Punish, online at:
It's a very useful device, this notion of an all-seeing, invisible eye following all your movements. When topped off with the notion that your actions will be screened when you get to afterlife it sure can put a damper on various illicit, nocturnal and other activities.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gut Voch

So the sabbath queen has come and gone. I've been working hard. Strange dreams of being in a Palestinian grocery with a friend and telling her not to talk in Hebrew. Fairy nuff. Have just discovered the novel written by an alleged product of Hendon set in the frum NW london community. Alas, I have been beaten to it. But having conducted a thorough investigation (short of having read the novel, I confess) of novel, reviews, interviews with authoress, I am not convinced. Her accent, her analysis, her views -- sweetie you ain't no HENDONITE. It might make the flap jack swell and the book sell but you grew up in COLINDALE for chuppah's sake!!! You went to a GOYISHE high school!!! You hung out with LESBOS!!! No f***ing way you're frum like you wanna believe! Well, that's my mealy-mouthed rant against invocations of authenticity when there clearly are none. I suppose I'll look at the book and see if was even worth these words....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Blog finally inaugurated

The instantaneity of the Blog is new to me. I must say, even though I am no internet idiot, I did experience a sense of thrill, a rush of headiness (or a mild attack of disasociation) as I typed my (highly encoded) story. Ah, yes, Edna, Edna. How I thought I loved her! I had a crush on her for at least a year (perhaps I lie), found her oddly beautiful, intelligent and positively unreachable. I'm trying to recall whether I had crushes on any other girls in my sweet northwest London Jewish high school. I have a vague sense of passing fancies hither and yon, but not of the teen-angst order of this one. Alas, even if the love did not persist, the angst was to continue for some years past the teens into the early twenties, only to be repressed until it reared its head in my mid/twenties. But, Gentle Reader, I overtake myself and must restrain my hurried fingers afore they tell all in a manner so jumbled as to confuse entirely! Think: love, lesbian, Orthodox and NorthWest London and you have the beginnings of this torrid tale. Goodnight and a pleasant tomorrow.

Love's First Caress at Sem

So, how many of you first had your hearts broken when you spent your first year away from home at an all-girls Frum/Jewish Orthodox seminary? Let me tell y'all -- that's the way to do it. Not only do you get all the thrills associated with young love, but the knowing secrecy, the ignorant discovery only adds to the heartbreak, if it comes. My story took place decades ago in the Holy Land of Israel/Palestine, and the object of my love was the fair Edna. As it turns out, I am not alone, fellow denizens of this dark underworld of love that dares blog its name, abound! These are their stories.... (Don't worry many other things will be exposed and discussed here including hair-raising tales about London, Golders Green, Hendon and Jerusalem among others).
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